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The Learning Channel (TLC) as it was known when it initially started its journey in the year 1972. TLC was discovered by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in partnership with NASA. In its early stages, the channel was an instructional, informative network emphasizing on real education through television. During that period, the channel was distributed for free around the entire country. However, the Appalachian Community Service Network (ACSN) earlier name for TLC was later privatized which led to the inception of NASA TV as NASA wanted an internal channel for them. Start of the NASA TV marked a clear distinction between the content as NASA focused on science, history, technology, and technical knowledge as compared to TLC which at that time featured content which was less technical such as current events, nature, cooking, family care and home improvement.

As per the data collected three years ago, TLC was being watched in 81.6% of households in the US through cable-TV Network. Amongst the most successful TLC programs, Captain’s Log with Captain Mark Gray was the best program in TLC’s history. The program achieved 4.5-6 ratings and was the most compensated program in TLC history between 1987 and 1990. The compensation involved was 30 times more than any of the programs that run today on the channel and such was the popularity that the show was given yearly contract as opposite of quarterly contract which was the general policy.

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A major takeover:

After a decent start on its own, Financial News Network (FNN) which owned a major stake in TLC went bankrupt, Discovery turned up to take over the leftover which led to a subsequent takeover in shares for $12.75 million, this marked the end of TLC under FNN along with Captain Mark Gray. The channel was then heading into a new direction with complete ownership by Discovery, and it proved fruitful as the giant network added new shows to the network. Amidst all the new additions, TLC still aired programs such as Paleoworld but later started devoting its time to subject such as lifestyle and Home Improvement. Amongst the earliest Home Improvement programs, Home Savvy and HomeTime were the more popular ones. Later on, a niche such as crafts, arts and crime programs were added to the diverse portfolio. TLC Live Stream

A diverse folio with a periodic vision:

Some of the key programs under the Discovery banner kickstarted in 1998 when Life Unscripted was first introduced. Under this theme, the motto was quite clear, to portray life as it is without any glamour and fabrication, in 2006, TLC changed its approach to Live and Learn thereby moving back to its original motive of becoming the learning channel. Their second last update, which was back in 2008, TLC follows ‘Life Surprises’ under which the channel has expanded tremendously after the introduction of shows such as Little People Big World, 17 Kids & Counting, Toddlers & Tiaras to name a few. The most recent tagline was introduced in 2014, where ‘Everyone needs a little TLC’ was heavily promoted.

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